Friday, 6 July 2012

Catty wants a blanket

My neice Maia has a favourite toy called Catty. Perhaps the name is a bit of a give away, she is a white cat with a pink nose, paws and whiskers. Catty needs a blanket I am told, so I set about making one as a good Aunty does. At first I cut out felt squares of different colours to make the patch work and the backing of blue cotton fabric.
I set about pinning the squares in place to the fabric and sewing them in place. I added a bit of ribbon to the corner.
 To be honest it was a naff even for a beginner so I decided to have another go.

This time I cut the squares bigger and zigzag stitched them together. Cut out "catty" in black felt and stitched them on.
I then turned it right side up and pinned the backing fabric to it and stitched, leaving a small hole to be able to turn it right side out once I had sewn all the edges.
This complete, I turned the right side out and I hand stitched the hole.

This one I am more pleased with. What do you think?

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