Monday, 30 July 2012

Where did the weekend go?

Good afternoon readers, where did the weekend go? For me it kicked off with the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I must say the start of it was rather underwhelming, then it picked up. But I have to say that it was a very late finish. No sewing done this weekend but have continuted to read my new sewing book and am starting to worry that I shall never get the hang of understanding a printed pattern let alone cutting it and adjusting it to fit me. The more I read the more daunted I become.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sew magazine

I have just subscribed to my first magazine ever, "Sew" - how exciting I can't wait for the first addition to arrive. Also as a bonus for UK residents you get a free book and two patterns. I already have the book but I am going to give it to my friendie Christine as I think she will love it!!!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

More on the new book

I have started well with The Colette Sewing Handbook and my goodness so much to learn. There are a few things that I can't get my head around and I think that I am dumb for not understanding them, so I may have to bite the bullet and email the writter to ask for beginners clarrification. As for the second on zips oh my gosh !!!!!!

I shall keep you posted........

Monday, 16 July 2012

My fav shop

106 High Street, Town Centre, Staines, TW18 4DP

Let me introduce to to Tatters. It is small and intimate local habershery shop - full of wonderful fabrics, ribbons, threads along with other arts and craft supplies. The ladies are cheerful and patient with beginners questions (that is the ones that I ask) and very helpful, willing to offer advise and recommendations.

Its arrived !!!
 After reading other peoples inspiring blogs, including, many have recommend the Colette Sewing Handbook - So I purchased it last week and it has finally arrived (I wished that it had been instantly delivered upon placement of my order) and I have already started to read it.

Little vegetable patch

Its Monday again already, where did the weekend go. I haven't managed to stitch anything new or old for that matter.

I did manage to dig up my potatoes from my little vegetable patch at the bottom of my garden, my tomoatoes have failed got some disease and turned turned brown and rotted to pull them up. Still have high hopes for a good harvest of runner beans (fingers crossed). The nice man down stairs (as I live in an upstairs massionette) kindly gave me some cauliflower and parsnips to plant so lets hope we have success with them also.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Behaviour bag

This project started out as an alternative to a wall chart which I think traditionally uses star stickers for recognising and rewarding good behaviour for children.

I made a simple bag out of blue cotton fabric. Cut out different coloured letters to make up the days of the week.

Pinned three on one side and four on the other along with the childs name at the top.

I stitched them on with a running stitch down the middle of each letter leaving the edges free. 

I then embleshed the letters with
butteflies (which i made by drawing
around the outside of biscuit cutter
for the larger and the inside of the cutter
for the small), buttons, handmade bows,
flowers and a wiggly eye to identify that
the letter is and "i" not and "l".

I cut out felt ladybirds and stuck them on to small pegs to use as the alternative to star stickers.

   The Front and Back of the      Finished Bag

So how does it work. Well the parents (adult) picks three or four behaviours or tasks that they would like to encourage and if the child does them on particular day they get to peg a lady bird onto a letter. Then at the end of the week they count them up and get a reward (not sweets) like an activity they don't normally do.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Catty wants a blanket

My neice Maia has a favourite toy called Catty. Perhaps the name is a bit of a give away, she is a white cat with a pink nose, paws and whiskers. Catty needs a blanket I am told, so I set about making one as a good Aunty does. At first I cut out felt squares of different colours to make the patch work and the backing of blue cotton fabric.
I set about pinning the squares in place to the fabric and sewing them in place. I added a bit of ribbon to the corner.
 To be honest it was a naff even for a beginner so I decided to have another go.

This time I cut the squares bigger and zigzag stitched them together. Cut out "catty" in black felt and stitched them on.
I then turned it right side up and pinned the backing fabric to it and stitched, leaving a small hole to be able to turn it right side out once I had sewn all the edges.
This complete, I turned the right side out and I hand stitched the hole.

This one I am more pleased with. What do you think?

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Second little dress

This is another little dress for my neice Maia, this time I cut up an old dress of my sisters that she didn't want anymore as I liked the frilly bottom. So used one of her existing dress as a template. Cut and ironed where I wanted the seams to go and pinned. I have yet to stitch them, as I wanted to check that it would fit, but it is pretty difficult when Maia won't try it on so have to guess and hope for the best.

A little dress

I set out to make a little dress and by that I mean for my neice not for me. So I used some material supplied to me by my sister and set about making one. I used the outline of a childs apron to cut the shape, pinned and stitched the seams and added some bias binding around the neck. I have to keep reminding myself that it is all good practice and and isn't meant to be perfect. I doubt it will ever get warn but hey ho this is what it looks like.