Saturday, 7 July 2012

Behaviour bag

This project started out as an alternative to a wall chart which I think traditionally uses star stickers for recognising and rewarding good behaviour for children.

I made a simple bag out of blue cotton fabric. Cut out different coloured letters to make up the days of the week.

Pinned three on one side and four on the other along with the childs name at the top.

I stitched them on with a running stitch down the middle of each letter leaving the edges free. 

I then embleshed the letters with
butteflies (which i made by drawing
around the outside of biscuit cutter
for the larger and the inside of the cutter
for the small), buttons, handmade bows,
flowers and a wiggly eye to identify that
the letter is and "i" not and "l".

I cut out felt ladybirds and stuck them on to small pegs to use as the alternative to star stickers.

   The Front and Back of the      Finished Bag

So how does it work. Well the parents (adult) picks three or four behaviours or tasks that they would like to encourage and if the child does them on particular day they get to peg a lady bird onto a letter. Then at the end of the week they count them up and get a reward (not sweets) like an activity they don't normally do.

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