Sunday, 16 September 2012


Pincushion from scraps

Finally decided on a style of pincushion to try. First problem i encountered was how to make my sure my hand drawn squares are square (not sure how to over come this as yet). Second error was not quite understanding the instructions and as a consequence stitched the wrong size triangles to the main square I then had to unpick and start again.

I managed to sew the correct size triangles on to the square and press them as instructed however my seams were not very good as it didn't create a straight line for me to see the next size triangles on to so it was a bit of make do with what I had.

The next step was to stitch to the larger square leaving an opening of two inches to turn it the right side out and stuff. I hand stitched opening shut however I haven't mastered the art of slip stitches I'm afraid. Finally to attach a pretty button to the middle of the square.
The fabric I used was cotton scraps so all in all my first effort was that bad.

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